GolemLand is a a different dimension with all sorts of golems as inhabitants. In the centre of the main state is the place where the Great Golem Council resides. There are also many guard dispenser golems. Only golems are allowed to enter GolemLand. Originally, to be a golem, the golem would have to show extreme toughness. But Steve and Pedro were able to show the golems that not all golems need to be violent.

Also in the original council there was also an obsidian golem. But he was too crazy with power and turned anything he saw into an obsidian monster. The rest of the council locked him in a bedrock prison in an other dimension.

Crazy golems spawn in the forbidden forest.


  • Snow Golem
  • Iron Golem
  • Sand Golem
  • Cactus Golem
  • Dispenser Golem
  • Water Golem
  • Fire Golem
  • Leaf Golem
  • Ice Golem

Great Golem Council

  • Nature Golem
  • Ocean Golem
  • Pyro Golem
  • Desert Golem
  • Bedrock Golem
  • Beacon Golem
  • Frost Golem

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