A Golden door is a door with strength between a Wooden and Iron door.

It is stronger than wood in the that:

  • It requires at least a stone pickaxe to mine
  • Baby villagers cannot open it (though adults still can)
  • It has only a 10% to be broken down by zombies on normal, and 50% on hard
  • More blast resistance
  • It cannot be burned (obviously, as it's made of gold)

It is weaker than iron however, in that:

  • It doesn't need a button to open
  • Adult villagers can open it
  • It can be broken down by zombies, and zombie pigmen
  • Less blast resistance
  • it can be mined quicker

It is most useful in the Nether, as some dead Zombie pigmen will yield gold nuggets, allowing you to make a fire proof door. They can also be found in some doorways in Nether fortresses.

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