Glyphflake the Enderman King was the god of the End before he was slain by the Ender Dragon. His soul is housed within the Obsidian Amulet and grants the wielder invulnerability to anything but 9.5 seconds of a diamond pickaxe. He is treacherous and manipulative, so treat the amulet with care. He abducted Nidarc (see Minecraft: Legend of Three Evil Beings) before he was slain by the Ender Dragon.Glyphflake is a Enderman like being but is taller has 6 red glowing eyes he also has 4 arms is able to match Epox is a test of streangh his main weakness is the fact that he is very emotional and cannot keep himself under control which is how the enderdragon beat him and he can also be harmed by a diamond sword or pickaxe dipped in the blood of a leviathan the blade has to penetrate the skin and it will burn as if it is in lava

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