The Glowstone Blaze Sword is a weapon that is forged in the Nether. It is crafted by Testificate in the story To Hell and Back.


The Glowstone Blaze Sword gives the holder the power to use the Magma Pillar and Flamewave abilities. When right-clicked on a block, the Magma Pillar is used. When right-clicked in the air, Flamewave is used.


The Glowstone Blaze Sword is created with an arrow, a Blaze Rod, and four blocks of glowstone.

  • a = arrow
  • b = blaze rod
  • g = glowstone
g g
g a g


The Glowstone Blaze Sword can be bound to a player by crafting it shapelessly with a Nether Quartz crystal.

  • s = glowstone blaze sword
  • q = nether quartz
q ~ ~
~ s ~
~ ~ ~

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