The Ghostly Zombie Horseman Knight is a boss that can be found in Ghostly Temples in taiga biomes.


  • 75 HP (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
  • 10 attack damage (regardless of difficulty)
  • Default equipment:
    • Full iron armor set, enchanted with Protection II and Thorns I
    • Undead Blade, enchanted with Sharpness II, Knockback II, and Fire Aspect I
    • Shield, enchanted with Unbreaking III


The Ghostly Zombie Horseman Knight's horse is a zombie horse which is equipped with iron horse armor. This horse's speed attribute is high, but still within the ranges of a default horse. It is hostile to the player but deals 0 damage upon, which causes it to essentially act as a player-centered vehicle for the Knight to use. The Undead Blade's extended range causes the horse to be very efficient.

Zombie Horsemen have a 200% higher spawn chance within a 20 block radius of the Ghostly Zombie Horseman Knight during nighttime. All Zombie Horsemen in this area will focus their AI on the player being targeted by the Ghostly Zombie Horseman Knight unless directly attacked by another player.


  • The Undead Blade will always be dropped from the Ghostly Zombie Horseman Knight.
    • Killing the Knight is the only way to get the Undead Blade.
  • The Knight, like all Ghostly mobs, is three blocks tall instead of two blocks tall.
  • The Knight will always drop one piece of its armor, but which piece it drops is random.