Ghillie Daggers (Saragethn: Dirkeen) are ceremonial sword or daggers carried by traditional Eastern Ghillies only. It is a religious commandment given by  Matteo Raniero (the tenth leader of The Eastern Ghillies) at a holy religious ceremony that formally christens a Ghillie. All traditional Ghillies (Saragethns) must wear a Dirkeen at all times along with other Articles of Faith. Although not all those who identify themselves as Ghillie carry a Dirkeen, it is one of the five articles of faith required to be worn by traditional ghillies.

The word Dirkeen has two roots - the first root is: Dirk, which means "Mercy, grace, compassion, kindness" and the second root is Keen, which in turn means "Honor, grace, dignity".

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