How It Looks

Geonites are Rare Items , Tools , and Blocks

Geonite Gem

Geonite Gems are rare and strong gems that can be obtained only with Mine or Smelt The Ore

Can Be Used To Geonites Related Tools and Block

Geonite Sword

Geonite Sword Crafted with 1 Nether Stick( Crafted From 2 nether brick (item)) and 2 Geonite Gems.

It Has 9+ Attack Damage and 12.5 + Speed Damage

Geonite Pickaxe

Geonite Pickaxe Crafted With 2 Nether Stick and 3 Geonite Gems

It Can break Ores Quickly and Easily, And Break Obsidian only with 2 seconds !

It Has 7.5+ attack damage and 4.5 Speed Damage

Geonite Hoe

Geonite Hoe Crafted With 2 nether stick and 2 Geonite Gems

It is a magical Hoe That Make The Farming Layers Keep Soil.

Attack Damage and Speed Damage Coming Soon :)

Geonite Shovel

Geonite Shovel Crafted With 2 Nether Stick and 2 Geonite Gems

It Can Break Dirt, Gravel, Sand , etc. Swiftly , And Still, it can make already existing Grass Path

Attack Damage and Speed Damage Coming Soon :)

Geonite Axe

Geonite Axe Crafted With 2 Nether Stick and 3 Geonite Gems

it Can Break Wood Related Block Swiftly.

Attack Damage And Speed Damage Coming Soon :)

Geonite Ore

A Rare Kind of Ore, Drop 1 Geonite Gems if Breaked with Pickaxe ( Iron +) , Drop 3 if Looting Enchantment Added

Geonite Block

Decorative Block, Crafted With 9 Geonite Gems, can be used as beacon pyramid

Geonite Armor

Geonite Armor are (Possibly) Strongest Armor in Minecraft Universe

  • Geonite Helmet ( 5 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Chestplate ( 8 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Leggings (7 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Boots (4 Geonite Gems)


  • Geonite Gem resemble a Nether Star
  • Geonite Tools and Armor Parts Shaped Different With the Others

Materials (template)
Stone: Boron | Celestistone | Dayrock | Nightrock | Obsidian

Gems: Bloodstone | Cobalite | Endespark | Geonite | Ruby | Sapphire | Unfidium

Metals: Steel | Bronze | Nickel | Platinum | Tin | Zelzivium

Other: Core Alloy | Heavy Iron

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