Friendly Zombies are mobs that can be found in caves, hearts will float around them and the back of their shirt has a heart. These Zombies don't burn in day

Friendly Zombie


Baby Friendly Zombies

Baby Friendly Zombies are faster and smaller Friendly Zombies, cannot be dyed but can be tamed, you can mate Friendly Zombies (with cooked porkchop or steak) to make baby Friendly Zombies.
Baby Zombie

Friendly Baby Zombie

Friendly Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers can be found by spawning in creative (right click a Villager with Friendly Zombie spawn egg.

They have no difference expect their face to Zombies.

Friendly Giant

Even though it is a different mob, a Friendly Giant is a big mob that can be your friend, you can only spawn it by hacking or /summon FriendGiant. Friendly Giants act like friendly Zombies but slower and hops a lot. Cannot be dyed.


  • This was made due that the creator loves Zombies and Baby Zombies and wants a pet Baby Zombie. :D
  • There is a Friendly Baby Zombie Villager, you need to right-click a Baby Villager with a Friendly Zombie spawn egg.