The Footwings are an item that makes players float downwards.

They have two stages.


The Footwings are equipped to the fourth armor slot (boots). Because of this, no boots can be equipped with the Gale Wings unless the Outer Armor token is in the inventory.

When the Footwings are equipped, the player will float slowly downwards instead of falling.

  • Level 1 Footwings allow the player to fall at the speed of a chicken.
  • Level 2 Footwings allow the player to fall at the speed of a chicken and also provides level 2 of Jump Boost.


Level 1

The level 1 Footwings are made with a pair of leather boots and two feathers in a shapeless recipe.

  • f = feather
  • b = leather boots
f ~ ~
~ b ~
~ ~ f

Level 2

The level 2 Footwings are crafted with the level 1 Footwings and four Cobalite gems.

  • 1 = level 1 Footwings
  • c = cobalite
c c
c c

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