Fluffblocks are a species of mobs in Herobrine's Vengeance. They look like small slimes with hairy tops, and act the same. You could tame any color of Fluffblocks. They have telekenesis in a short range and could make things appear, as well as all of them are able to dig out different materials.

Colors and Facts

  • Blue Fluffblock: It is considered trustworthy, loyal, and easy to care for. They bounce very high and like to play with ball.
  • Red Fluffblock: Originally coming from Unknown Island, these adventurous beings love to surf and were the first discovered Fluffblocks, according to Dinnerbone. Their favorite toys are cannons.
  • Pink Fluffblock: They are sporty and cheerful. They like to play with and in water. Their favorite toys are skipping ropes.
  • Black Fluffblock: Discovered in the Extreme Hills, they are known for their reluctance and their camoflaging with shadows. They can set themselves afire. Their favorite toys are skateboards.
  • Green Fluffblock: They are good in singing and are known to be very energetic. They like propeller caps and will  join you on a hot air balloon with their favorite toy.
  • Yellow Fluffblock: They are artistic. They create amazing masterpieces of artwork and perfect sculptures of different objects. They are cooler in singing than the Green Fluffblock. Their favorite toys are paint palletes and brushes.
  • Purple Fluffblocks: They are often considered as a diva, since they are good at singing AND dancing. Despite all this, they are slightly infamous for being picky eaters. They can blow ultimately huge bubbles using their bubble wand. Their favorite toys are their bubble wands.
  • White Fluffblocks: These cool (literally) Fluffblocks like to play in snow. They can create ice slopes from thin air and turn anything into ice. They are also small but seem to have a relationship with ninjas. Their favorite toys are anything made out of snow and ice. They can also blow snowflakes.
  • Orange Fluffblocks: These zany, goofy and clown-like Fluffblocks seem to eat everything, making their behavior with food complementary with Purple Fluffblocks. They have buck teeth and came from a Mystery Dimension. Their favorite toys are wagons and boxes, which was probably where the dimension they came from was made of.
  • Brown Fluffblocks: They are the most creative of all Fluffblocks. They can invent amazing machines and can solve very hard Math problems. They are scared of balloons. Their favorite toys are their rocketships and goggles.
  • Rainbow Fluffblocks: They are the most majestic of all Fluffblocks. They came from the mysterious Cloud Forest. They can fly and release sparkles. Their existence was rumored ever since the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple Fluff Blocks were first released to the public.