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The Far Dragon is a huge, white Dragon that can be found in the farlands.


The Far Dragon is a boss mob, it shoots Explosive fireballs and will cause damage to the player if touched. If killed, the Far Dragon will drop 27-54 Farland Diamonds.

During battle the Far Dragon will fly around shooting explosive fireballs, at 50% health it will summon a steve mob (as in  the discontinued Mobs that resembled steve with a huge head) every 50 seconds.

Finding the Far Dragon

In order to find the Far Dragon, you must go to the Farlands, you can tell your going  the right way by seeing black or orange coated Villagers that will dissappear after a few seconds, the sightings will increase as you near the Farlands... Eventually you will see a flat area with extreme hills grass color, there will be sand with cacti growing out of these sand patches, when you see two 12 block high cactus go to them, in between the cacti there is a descending staircase, proceed downwards...

Eventually you will find a room, it will be lit with glowstone and will have a Beastboy (another discontinued mob) walking up and down the room, when you kill beastboy you can proceed to the next room. Next there is a long hallway lit with torches and a black steve (Another discontinued mob) guard.

Form here you enter a nether fortress-like structure, it is patrolled by hostile pigmen (Not Zombie pigmen, discontinued pigmen) if you manage to reach the top of the structure you'll find Green-coated villagers and a staircase leading down...

When you finally reach the bottom youll be in a room that , upon pressing a lever, becomes open to the surface via TNT, you have just allowed Far Dragons to spawn randomly around the Farlands, you will also spawn 6 human mobs and 1 Rana mob, these mobs will attack you and you must kill them.

Once all the Mobs are killed you should proceed, either go back the way you came, or pillar up the newly opened ceiling. You can now find the Far dragon by looking at a compass, first face north, then the compass will begin acting strangely, follow the misguided arrow and you will eventually find a Far Dragon.