Fake Steve is a neutral mob in Minecraft. He looks like a regular Steve and has the words "Stevie" above his head. However, if you attack one, it will transform into a random hostile mob.


Fake Steve's default pathing is to walk around aimlessly, and it acts like a passive mob. If it is attacked by a player, it will remove itself and spawn a random hostile mob in its place (see Transformation Ratios), which attack you as they normally would. When killed, the mob will, instead of normal loot ratios, drop one random item of its loot, as well as 1-3 leather. It will not spawn in the End or on mushroom islands.

Transformation Ratios

  • Zombie (5% in day, 50% at night)
  • Skeleton (10% in day, 45% at night)
  • Creeper (25% of the time)
  • Ghast (10% of the time)
  • Blaze (20% of the time)
  • Slime (65% of the time)
  • Magna Cube (30% of the time)
  • Silverfish (1.5% of the time)
  • Wither Skeleton (35% of the time)
  • Wither (0.5% of the time)
  • more soon


  • Fake Steves take no suffocation or fall damage.
  • Since the Fake Steve is technically a passive mob, Iron Golems and Snow Golems will not attack it.