Baron Erik Kulnev is one of the prominent members of the Dream World Believers, and one of the founders.


Erik Kulnev
Born in Mineu, he and his brother stumbled upon a suspicious realm when collecting coal in a mine. They entered the portal and slipped into the Dream World. They formed the Dream World Believers and collected many followers early in its existence. Erik Kulnev quickly became one of the Believers' top Warlords and the most protected, compared to his brother, Hein, who handled diplomacy instead of wars.

One of Erik's first public activities occurred when The Legions of Herobrine attempted to invade Kulnev Manor to destroy the believers portal to the Dream World. They were pushed back by Erik's conjuring of the Dream Dragon. The beast defeated the Legion, which left Erik vilified throughout Minecraftia, and even by his brother Hein. Hein was banished by Erik Kulnev for treason, where he, his wife and son, Helmut, where forced into prison in the Dream World. Erik Kulnev himself suffered an arrow slice to the face in the defense, leaving him disfigured, whereas he started wearing a cowl to hide himself.

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