Entity 303

[[File:I-download.jpg|frame|Entity 303 hostile infinite health

He is said to be "The New Herobrine" that is planning to destroy Herobrine and Minecraft itself. He is also known as the unknown.Herobrine is good he is now trying to help us from entity 303. He has a group that is planing to destroy minecraft. He was addmited by the creator to be a hoax. Entity 303 is said to be working with The green steve

Dr. Chibawk

He is a hacking user can teleport blow things up and instantly kill you.

He is also said to be a cannibal and eats children.


The only thing that he wants most is to destroy Herobrine and Minecraft.


Herobrine has always been a good guy,he griefed us to tell us what 303 would be doing in the future.

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