Entity 303, allegedly called MAKEAWISH in the source codes, is a Minecraft hoax that originated on Youtube in the Summer of 2014. Notch responded to the hoax by asking believers "what is wrong with you people[?] it[']s just a game" and exclaimed absolutely that there were "no ghosts".

Entity 303 is believed to have been created by a player by the name of thespeed179 who now makes Minecraft machinimas; Thespeed179 has said since making his original story that Entity 303 is "obviously fake". More players unrelated to thespeed179 have added onto the rumor, and many aspects of Entity 303 common in hoaxes revolving around him, such as a conflict with Herobrine or him formerly being a Mojang employee were not mentioned whatsoever in thespeed179's original story.

Entity 303 is supposedly capable of lighting players' homes on fire and placing and detonating tnt seemingly at random. Early screenshots of Entity 303 show him to be a white figure in the distance or a player with garbled black and white skin, but he has since been stylized as a pitch black player wearing a white robe.

In fanon

  • The Mysticals Entity 303 was set to appear in The Mysticals as a major character.

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