The Enderdragon 2.0 is a more powerful Enderdragon, charging at you and spitting explosive fireballs far beyond the capability of the ghast and the wither.


The Ender Dragon 2.0 has 4 spiked wings, 6 arms with deadly spikes, a long tail with a spike at the end and two glowing purple eyes.


1000 hp (!!!!!)

10 dmg (touch)

20 dmg (fireballs)

and last but not least.....

Insta-kill damage (if you take 3 days to kill it)


it flys around like Enderdragon 1.0 However, this one is affected by blocks. If you incase yourself in even the most , the dragon charges at the blocks and they disperse for 10 seconds before coming back to their original position, but if the Enderdragon is still in the block after 10 seconds....then they stay until he moves. Anyways (S)he flys around shooting purple fireballs and whacking you with his/her tail.

If you take more then 3 minecraft days to kill it, the Enderdragon will become annoyed and charges at you at high speeds causing an instant K.O. The Enderdragon 2.0 is usually focused on killing the player, however if encountering the Enderdragon 1.0 they will attack each other in a colossal scale buying enough time for the player to escape.

how to summon one (or two if you want a challenge)

Craft a dragon bone. WF=warp flesh EP=ender pearls and WB=warp bones.


EP EP EP        =    Dragon bone



It drops the following items:

16 Ender scales- used for armor, emites a glowing purple aurora at light level 9 with a radius of 6 blocks.

5 Ender blight- can be used to make a spash potion that when used disperses blocks everywhere, even bedrock! but can not destroy Underworldly cover

5 Warp Flesh (read the link to find out)

If it is killed in other dimensions like the Overworld:

A glowing mass known as Ender infection, grows at a rate of 12 blocks per minute. Slows the player down while speeding up others, also spawns a large already provoked Enderman with red eyes and 4 arms. The only way to stop it is to slash it with a diamond sword (instantly destroying the weapon)

part of Minecraft: the end has risen! mod.

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