Ender Spikes is a new biome that is in the end. Ender Spikes biome sometimes has patches of hardened clay underground spawning in groups of 5-30. In this biome spawn Ice Spikes similar to the Ice Spikes biome in the overworld, the only difference is it also contains regular ice in its inner layers and its packed ice roots reach out past the island downwards, and contains occasional obsidian and even rarer, diamond ore. Endermites spawn naturally here and will live forever until killed. Endermen spawns rarer in this biome.

A huge Ice Spike will occasionally spawn in the middle of the biome and sometimes obsidian covers some parts of it. An Ender Orb is spawned on top of it, while players seek cover in the biome, Ender Orb will power up the Ender Dragons leaving a trail of purple aura making it faster, and is able to fire Ender Balls, purple version of fireballs that does not destroy the terrain, but attracts endermen. While the big Ice Spike's outside is made out of packed ice, the rest of it contains obsidian, stone and cobblestone, occasional lava, and lots of nether quartz ore.

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