Ender ocelot is a mob that spawns in the Overworld in jungle biomes, in the end, and in the new dimension Misty Graves. It hasn't got a spawn egg and spawns 5% of the time with an ocelot spawn egg. It has a 10% chance of spawning naturally.


Note: this is for every difficulty

  • Health: 20hp (10 hearts)
  • Tameable: no
  • Behaviour: neutral
  • Damage: 3hp (1 and a half hearts)


The ender ocelot can teleport and is a neutral mob. It doesn't run away like normal ocelots and when aggressive will repeatedly pounce on the player, draining 3hp each time. It can breed to spawn baby ender ocelots. If it sees an enderman, it will walk peacefully near it until distracted by the player attacking it. It does not pick up blocks and doesn't turn hostile by staring at it and will only turn hostile if you attack it.


Upon killing it drops:

Rare drop: None