EnderGolem copy

The Ender Golem is a large, neutral mob that inhabits The End like a soldier in a colony of Endermen.


It is 3.3 blocks high and 1.2 blocks wide. It has three Ender eyes forming a triangle on its chest, and its head is an Ender Crystal. Its arms are larger than an Enderman's.


Its attack does less damage than an Iron Golem's. It attacks quickly, and has high knockback. It occasionally spawns a silverfish to help it attack, and spawns one upon death. It acts as an Iron Golem to Endermen. If an Enderman is under attack, the nearest Ender Golem will teleport to it in a sort of "defense" AI, proceeding to attack the assaulting player.


  • Ender Golems will not attack players wearing a pumpkin, even if said player has harmed an Enderman.

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