End traders are traders from the End!!! no really...they spawn in End Villages and, rarley they have a 1 in 50 chance of replaceing endermen when it is not doomtime.


Just like NPC villagers....from the end.

we give you:

France!!! (just kidding)

pet shop

Ender Dragon food (FEED US!)

Ender saddle (ridin with style!)

End Egg (for those who dont want to do all the stuff)(spawns a teir 3 Baby ender dragon)

Warping supermarket

end fruit

ender bread (omnom-hey where did i go?) (when eaten teleports you to a random area within 30 blocks.)


ender bars

random end weapons (that are less than the warp diamond teir)


they look like endermen....with blue eyes and diffrent robes

pet shop=red robes

warping supermarket=blue robes

weapons-o-warp=green robes

they are a part of Minecraft: the end has risen! mod.

ender village

just like normal village....except made of end material. The doors are 3 blocks tall and they have a new biulding:ender council. If you go there then you can warn the mayor about comeing events (he might not listin) look at the map of the town, And even battle end trader rebels!