Enchantus is a very powerful diamond sword crafted and upgraded at Notch's Temple.


Enchantus was used by an unknown person in a hood, called "The Guy With The Hoody Thingy" by TheChromePerson, in a game called "CraftBattles". The sword defeated anything and anyone, and even defeated the creator of CraftBattles.

Enchantus drove The Guy With The Hoody Thingy insane and mad with power, so much that CraftBattles was closed and destroyed. Enchantus still remains below the very temple is was created in, buried deep underground in a chest.

Afterwards, Enchantus was soon discovered by Rakx, and used to take over Minecraft. Enchantus drove Rakz insane just like The Guy With The Hoody Thingy, and he and Enchantus were never heard of again.

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