"By Bow and Sword, we'll take back this world!"- Ghillie Motto

Previously: Mineblown
Currently: Sarageth, Eastern Minecraftia


Goal: To rebuild civilization and settle a government for modern Minecraftia along side the other echelons.

National Amendments


Eastern Ghillie

Saragethns, or the Eastern Ghillies, as they came to be known by the Minecraftian locals, are outcasted Swedish-Italians who come from the heavy foliage country of Mineblown to the east of Minecraftia's shores where they settled a city known today as Sarageth. They had left their lands after an apparent civil war, ending in a fraction of 32 men and women, armed with weapons and armor, heading west in search of a better life. After several weeks of traveling by frigate, they came upon the ruins of Minecraftia's cities, arriving on the aftermath of Armageddon.

Their leader, a nobleman named Matteo Raniero, ordered patrols into the closest city, Shauchea, a city built within a mountain range. He and his followers had looted many gas masks, weapons and armor from abandoned outposts and bases, and were well-prepared for the city. When they entered, they found poisonous, but not radioactive gas along most of the streets. It was not until Raniero's men entered the city metro system did they find human life.

When the collapse of their government happened, hundreds of people had made it into the city metro system, and although many were still killed, a few hundred had survived, living in the subway for over 100 years. Many of the survivors had taken refuge in the deepest station in the subway system. Initial attempts to communicate were successful, and the Saragethns were allowed in.

Seeing the dire state that the people of the Minecraftians subway were in, with frequent attacks from savage infected and mutants, Raniero formed the 'Eastern Ghillies'- an elite platoon of volunteers, all of whom would put their lives on the line to make the area safe again. They directly conjoined with the uprising government as the head of the restoration.


Ghillies embody the qualities of a "Sankt Soldato" or saint-soldier. One must have control over one's internal vices and be able to be constantly immersed in virtues clarified in the Ghillie Creed of their old roots. A Ghillie must also have the courage to defend the rights of all who are wrongfully oppressed or persecuted irrespective of their color, caste or creed.

The correct use of melee weapons is central to ghillies with techniques depending on the nature of the weapon. The sword is a Saragethn's primary weapon, often paired with a shield or another sword. The shield itself can be used offensively. The following lists a few examples of the weapons used by ghillies.

  • Saragethn Sword: curved one-sided sword
  • Saragethn Claymore: double-edge sword
  • Ghillie Dagger: dagger worn only by the original Ghillies at all times
  • Lathi: stick of bamboo from one to three meters in length, used for training
  • Flexible weapons, such as whips, chains, and flails.
  • Sarakri Dirk: curved sword which broadens towards the point
  • Ghillie Cha: spear
  • Barai: lance used from horseback
  • Sara Cha: javelin
  • Gethram: circular edged weapon that can be thrown or used in close
  • Sataar: dagger able to pierce armor, spelled Shatara in Saragethn
  • Gurag: a flanged or spiked mace made out of steel. The head may also be connected to a chain, similar to the Chinese meteor hammer.
  • Bow and arrow, either traditional steel recurve bows or actual composite bows made of wood, horn, and sinew. Fletched reed arrows with tanged steel points are typically used.

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