Vital statistics
Title Chieftain of the archers of Marvel
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Southern Militia
Health 25 HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart
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Status deceased
Location Marvel graveyard
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Affiliation Marvel

"Whether slashing with sword or piercing with spear, my force is as that of a lion; I am Dysnome, and my name strikes fear into the hearts of man and beast alike" ~Dysnome, during the Siege of Marvel

Dysnome was a warrior of Marvel, he was thought to be non-human or blessed by Notch, though these were only wivestales. Dysnome was as tall as a Wither Skeleton and typically suited in a diamond armor set covered in blackened Steel, composed of boots, leggings, a chestplate, gauntlets, a mask, and a helmet. Dysnome fought with an iron Spear, a diamond sword, a Marvel Bolas, a Flail, and with his gauntlets.

During the Destruction of Minecraftia, he defended Marvel from The Legions of the Nether, standing on a partially destroyed drawbridge, the only entrance to the city, the chains of which had been shot down to allow the Nether mobs in. He killed a zombie, skeleton, zombie pigman, and wither skeleton before Herobrine himself arrived and did battle with Dysnome, eventually killing him after both were knocked back by Dysnome's potion of harming.