Dr. Dray is one of the two characters in The survival of Dr.Dray. Dr. Dray is a prominent figure in minecraftia, and is often referred to as "The savior of Minecraftia" for designing and inventing the first spaceships, and single handedly exploring and securing new worlds to harvest resource for the dying world of minecraftia. Dr. Dray currenty resides in The Minecraftian City, which is near Sarageth and other prominent cities.


Early life

Dr. Dray was born to Viker and Samantha Dray. Alexander was born long after the Destruction of Minecraftia. Alexander and his family barely made it through hard times, as farming space, and food, were scarce. As Alexander grew up, he turned out to prefer tinkering rather than socializing. Alexander learned how to craft tools and other items without any tools, and created crafting recipes for hundreds of new items. When Alexander was 15, he was invited to go to the top university in all of minecraftia, were he earned his decorate degree by the age of 23.

Later Life

After earning his doctorate degree, Alexander worked on and off for many corporations, designing and testing machinery and other products. By the age of 25, he had completed his first space ship, dubbed "The crate" for it's size and shape. This ship was put to use scouting other worlds, called outer lands. He was later able to build more durable ships, such as the Crate mark II and III. He designed ships to transport colonists and resources to and from planets. After this achievement, he joined the Minecraftian Space Coalition, or MSC, were he worked as a military scientist scouting worlds, and cataloging there wildlife and resources. He crash landed on his 4th world at the age of 27, were he suffered from amnesia, met Mellina Vangaurd, and defeated the enderdragon