Dj 3nder is a Non-hostile NPC who is only found in towns. They reside in taverns and will dispense some bread if right-clickd on while holding an iron ingot. This does consume the entire stack of ingots in your hand, But the Dj will give you a fair amount of bread.


They look just like Endermen but with blue eyes,a purple jacket with a slime on it, and black headphones.They only attack if attacked, but like endermen, they get hurt in water. They are confined to the tavern they spawn in and will dissapear with a particle effect if they are moved from the tavern or the tavern is completely destroyed. Dj 3nder will also rarly spawn in the end, and spawn riding the ender dragon, wich has 1% chance of happening. If you kill Dj 3nder, it will spawn a hostile enderman nearby.


"Alright, guys, I'm gonna play you a little song. I call it...The Ender Wiggle." -DJ 3nder

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