The Disguise Mob is a mob that can take a player's skin and their gamer tag. A Disguise Mob can do everything a normal player could do; sneak, sprint, walk, place blocks, destroy blocks, do pixel art, mine, craft, take things from chests, give back things to chests; but at points when they have to. They sneak when they find a small space that a player can get into when sneaking, sprint when they find a creeper or other hostile mob (including Endermen), walk aimlessly all the time, place blocks randomly, destroy blocks randomly, do pixel art when someone requests the copied user by it, mine when they want, craft when they want, take things from chests and give them back occasionally randomly. They are also attracted to rare valuables. When the copied player logs off, the Disguise Mob copying that player despawns. An encounter of twin Disguise Mobs or more with a copied player of all the Disguise Mobs is rare. Unlike players, they cannot log off nor log on; spawn represents logging on and despawn represents logging off. They can also sleep AND grief, meaning they could be a danger. They do what the copied person they copy do and have the same personality. They have all the charasteristics of the copied person. All Disguise Mobs will despawn when there is no one in a server. Rarely, one or more Disguise Mobs will remain on the server with no people and take the default skin until someone logs on. They also have a chance to hit a hostile mob and Endermen using a sword or other mining and combat item they get. A passive mob can be hunted by a Disguise Mob. Disguise Mobs can be passive, neutral, hostile or utility mobs. Disguise Mobs taking the appearance and gamer tag of someone's guard is a utility mob to that person who owns the guard. Disguise Mobs taking the appearance and gamer tag of a griefer or killer are hostile to everyone. Disguise Mobs taking the appearance and gamer tag of a player that attacks back when attacked are neutral to everyone. Disguise Mobs taking the appearance and gamer tag of a newbie, unexperienced or unarmed player are passive to everyone.

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