The Discarded Plane is a Sad's Fanon dimension from the Warring Dimensions Mod.


The portal to the Discarded Plane, the Threshold Gateway, is formed from blocks of Zelzivium. It is built in the frame size of a Nether Portal. Larger Threshold Gateways will not reflect their size inside the dimension.


The Discarded Plane, unlike other dimensions, is nearly entirely empty. Occasionally, islands of Raw Quartz will spawn, upon which a Jennech Stand will have a 90% chance to spawn. This makes the Discarded Plane by technical terms a nearly unlimited font of materials.

The main appeal of the Discarded Plane is its fertility and boosted systems, which manifest in the following ways:

  • Water flows 12 blocks instead of the normal 8.
  • Redstone extends 1 1/3 times as far, with the normal max of 15 being extended to 20.
  • Crops grow at an average of 3.5 times faster than in the Overworld.
  • Trees grow at an average of 4 times faster than in the Overworld.
  • Livestock recover from breeding exhaustion about twice as fast as normal.

This makes the Discarded Plane a popular location to place and develop farms due to the possibility of infinite expansion.


The Plane is mostly barren, but spawns Void Phantoms which exist for longer than the norm, oftentimes following players around. It will occasionally spawn forth Eternus Serpents, which can damage built creations.

Special events

On occasion, player creations will be targeted by a mob exclusive to the dimension, the Unima Beast, which will rise from below y=0 and try to eat player builds. The slaying of this monster nets the Aetern Orb if it is killed near an Item Attractor.

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