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Appearance and health

Diggers are an underground, hostile mob. They can "eat" dirt, grass, stone, and cobblestone. Their appearance is similar to moles, except in the face. They have the same amount of health as a Creeper, 20 hp.

Drops and Damage

When killed, they drop 0-5 gravel, 0-3 dirt, and 0-2 hide. Hide is used to create hide armor. This armor is not good on it's own, being the same as leather. However, it can be fused with the core forms of armor: leather, chain, gold, iron, and diamond. This can be useful for those who do not want to use up all their material to create the normal armor.

A digger deals 2-5 hp per attack, and are about the speed of spiders.


They are about as rare as Endermen, as to keep hide armor from being too common, and so your world isn't overrun with Diggers.

Armor strength

Hide: Full set:7, Helmet:1, Chestplate:3, Leggings:2, Boots:1

Hide + Leather (Reinforced Hide): Full set:11, Helmet:2, Chestplate:4, Leggings:3, Boots:2

Hide + Gold (Gilded Hide): Full set:13, Helmet:1, Chestplate7:, Leggings:4, Boots:1

Hide + Chain (Studded Hide): Full set:19, Helmet:3, Chestplate:8, Leggings:6, Boots:2

Hide + Iron (Plated Hide): Full set: 15: Helmet:2, Chestplate:6, Leggings:5, Boots:2

Hide + Diamond (Crystalized Hide): Full set:20, Helmet:6, Chestplate:6, Leggings:5, Boots:3

Note: Studded Hide Armor is only available in Creative mode. Villagers cannot trade this with you.

Crafting Recipes

Hide: Normal armor crafting

Hide + Object


Row 1: Hide, Object, Hide

Row 2:Object, Nothing, Object

Row 3: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Row 1: Hide, Nothing, Hide

Row 2: Object,Hide, Object

Row 3: Hide, Hide, Hide


Row 1: Object, Hide, Object

Row 2: Hide, Nothing, Hide

Row 3: Hide, Nothing, Hide


Row 1: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

Row 2: Hide, Nothing, Hide

Row 3: Object, Nothing, Object

Why this should be in Minecraft

I like the concept. If a digger spawns in a cave, it will change the structure of the cave, so no cave looks the same twice. Also, in Minecraft, you do a lot of mining. There should be a mob that can mine too. Of course, it cannot break ores, wood, or normal house material, so you don't need to worry too much about it breaking your house. Therefore, it doesn't cause extreme rage like the Creeper.