Devin is the main protagonist of the series Craftventureres.

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He is a Minecraft "Senior" in school of the son of a local miner family in the guarded town of Mineland. He has never set one foot or block outside his home town and probably never will. His one goal is to grow up to be a high managing miner at the Mineworks Industries of Mineland (MIOM) to use minerals to help grow their society. He also wants an emerald scholarship, the highest level you can go in Auroraft University. He is seen with a white long-sleeved shirt, with gray pants and black eyes. His pet is Boney and his friends are Blake, Gena and Zack and frenemies are Kayla and David.


  • The name was suggest by a friend of LJS/LLR
  • He is based off one of the minecraft characters seen in posters.