A Design Anvil is a block used to craft aesthetically-oriented variants of various items.


The Design Anvil has the texture of a normal anvil, but with engravings of flowers on it (similarly to how combining items with banners achieves only the shape of said item on a banner).

It has a single input slot where items can be put. If they have aesthetic variants, a list of their variants will be presented on the right side of the GUI which can be chosen. This includes the default texture in case the user wants to switch back.

It is crafted with an anvil surrounded by any type of flower, in a crafting table.

Item list

Below is a list of items that have aesthetic variants.


  • Design Anvils and the concept of aesthetic variants use an "altexture" variable assigned to items in order to apply different textures to them. This achieves a functionally identical item that appears different from its original form.
    • This also causes all applied attributes and enchantments to stay on the item in question.
    • The altexture variable is a number which by default extends out only as far as the amount of variants that exist. This makes it very simple for resource packs to add new variants to items.
      • This includes items that do not by default have any variants.
    • Armor actually applies its altexture variable to its worn form. If a custom variant is being used and no equal custom armor texture is being used, it reverts to the default worn armor texture.
  • Design Anvils are related to Chisels from their eponymous mod, which are used to craft variants of blocks.
    • The Design Anvil is a block that changes items, while the Chisel is an item that changes blocks.

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