The Darkness Dimension is accessible by making a portal similar to the End Portal but instead with Obsidian (instead of End Portal Frame) and putting Endstone in the inside to activate it. Legends say Herobrine created the world and lived there, he made it to make his inventions/experiments and test them, he can also view the Overworld, the Nether and all other dimensions he knows.


The Darkness Dimension is a place similar to the Nether, but instead of Netherrack there is Obsidian as the top layer (Soul Sand is replaced by Netherrack put on fire) and Bedrock as the fill layer, same as the Nether, it has lava beneath and Glowstone (with Lavafalls).


Boss Mobs

  • Wither (Center of the dimension)
  • Netherdragon (After defeating the Wither)
  • Enderdragon (After defeating the Netherdragon)
  • Dark Steve (After defeating the Enderdragon)
  • Herobrine (After defeating Dark Steve)

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