here is a list of dariusrulez's mob ideas (me)

normal mobs

vampire:burns in light,causes bleeding.

butcher:strong,drops clever.

harpy:spawns above clouds,drops harpy feathers


red:sets player on fire,drops blaze powder

blue:shoots bubbles that can drown players.

green:shoots seeds,gives random sapling.

purple:uses poison gas.

cyan:most common,drops wisp dust

orange:explosive,drops gunpowder

yellow:very weak,in groups

frankenstein:stronger zombie,drops bolts

hellhound:nether version of wolfs,hostile from start.

bogma: kelp creature that spawns in swamps,drops moss.

yeti:spawns in snowy biomes,strong

mummy:desert version of zombie,weaker

ghost:spawns when a player dies,can only be hurt with weapons that have the "spectral" enchantment

poltergeist:it looks like a faded grey head that spawns in abandonded areas,attacks with blocks

nymph:spawns in strongholds,plants saplings

wyvern:spawns in wyvern lairs,weaker ender dragons

triffid: a walking plant that hungers for flesh,can cause hunger effect and poison

hornet:very annoying,in groups

knight:strong deffense,slow

alien:very rare,drops raygun

minotaur:spawns in nether or a cow that gets struck by lightning,drops battleaxe

boar:brown.stronger versions of pigs,netural,drops boar chops

zombie boarman: spawns when lightning hits a boar or spawns in the nether,stronger than zombie pigman.

demon:spawns in the nether,can fly

zapf: a monster made of riches badly damages swords when fighting,drops a lot of gold!

pegasus:winged horse,drops pegasus feathers

meenlock:lives in caves,strong


ceberaus:very strong bite,spawns hostile wolfs

chinese dragon:very long,fire is deadly

queen bee:spawns in gigant beehives,summons bee minions

test subject 11: a cruel test gone wrong,spawns in nether labs

new jearsey devil:rarly spawns in forests,can fly

displacer: can attack you with its tentacles,rare

ezerhorden:a lot of heath,only "spectral" enchanted weapons can harm it.

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