Crossbows are ranged weapons, they shoot crossbow bolts. To use a crossbow, the player must hold the right mouse button to load a bolt (which takes 4 seconds), then they can aim it and right click it again to fire the bolt.

Crossbows are crafted like this:

Bolts are crafted like shovels, but horizontally. Bolts do 1 less damage then a sword of each tier.

Crossbows are weld by Crossbowmen Steve Warriors.

The player can craft Gold Bolts with TNT or Potions or Splash Potions, TNT bolts will explode (though less effectivley than TNT on it's own), Potions cause the potions effect to any mob/player hit, and lastly splash potions create the splash effect where the bolt hit.

Crossbows will use the most effective bolts first, and the least effective (like wood) last.

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