Creepies are a much more dangerous and boss version of a Creeper and must be avoided as soon as possible when seen. The good thing is that they are rare to find, and only start appearing on the tenth night. Creepies may look like regular Creepers, but don't be fooled by their looks. When destroyed, they explode and multiply into two more of them once destroyed. They keep on multiplying with every Creepie destroyed, and finally stop multiplying at 200 the least common, and can stop anytime after 200 have been created. Every once in a while during the fight with a Creepie, they have a possibility that they will drop gunpowder.


When the final Creepie is destroyed, it will drop 50 to 150 gunpowder, 20 blocks of TNT, and many experiences. There is a possibility that a Creepie can drop 10 iron ingot, 5 diamond, any kind of armor, 10 Creeper Spawn Eggs, or a Creepie Spawn Egg. They also have a chance to drop Creepie Armor, starting with Creepie Boots. Creepie Armor has the same strength as Iron Armor, except it protects you from creeper and creepie explosions.