Creeperbrine is a boss mob that spawns once you replace the fire on the Netherrack in a Herobrine Spawner with a creeper's head and the Netherrack block with Soul Sand. Creeperbrine will appear in front of the side of the spawner you are looking at. Before attacking, like the Wither, he will charge health from half to full, he is invulnerable to everything, even piston pushing, and once he gets 2.5 seconds away from full, he flickers white and blue, and when he gets full, he explodes, also destroying the spawner. His explosion is as strong as a Blue Wither Skull. His explosion is as large as the Wither's. He has 100 lives. Creeperbrine, once spawned, will start playing "11" and will loop it over and over until Creeperbrine dies. Once dead, he can also be spawned again.

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