Creepeniarres are creepers that are popular since the generation when the first Endermen were born, and are extinct 250 years before Steve was born. They are the smartest of mobs, the Enderman being the second, until they were made extinct by Herobrine and made Endermen the smartest.

A creepeniarre. Don't be scared or mad, already! He's or they're good creepers.

How It's Smart

  • They can track the nearest entity unless it is 64 or more blocks away through mental strength.
  • They know their own selves.
  • They can speak all languages.
  • They know all secrets.
  • They are loyal to people because they know people are greater than them.
  • They recognize ladders and vines and can climb to reach another Creepeniarre.
  • They give wheat to passive mobs except for bats, squid, villagers and other unbreedable mobs.
  • They give carrots to pigs.
  • They know how to farm.
  • They can fix items with less durability.
  • They can make Redstone computers.
  • They can make all kinds of clocks, even a 1-day clock.
  • They will rarely ride pigs on saddles.
  • They know how to turn a pig spawner into any kind of spawner, even a Giant, Iron Golem, Snowman or even a Creepeniarre (themselves) spawner.
  • They recognize hunger, and gives the cake to people that are hungry.
  • They recognize defeat, and gives regeneration, instant healing potions or milk buckets to harm people.
  • They can save people from Him, The Creepy One, and Possessive Guy.