Creatures of the Void is a fanon storyline in the universe of Sad's Fanon.

It follows the adventures of Steve, Alex, Samuel, and Jennifer and their attempts to defeat Muriminus and the eight different pieces of the Omnibrine.


The overall bytesize of all Creatures of the Void chapters is 181054 bytes.

Season One

Main article: CotV Season One
Season One is titled "Player".

Season Two

Main article: CotV Season Two
Season Two is titled "Secret of the Daydream".

  • Chapter Twenty-Six: The Fountain
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven: Escape From Castle Herabrine

  • Chapter Twenty-Eight: Marvelous Daydream
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine: Trial

  • Chapter Thirty: Now and Then
  • Chapter Thirty-One: The Eve of Mages
  • Chapter Thirty-Two (Season Finale): The Eve of Players

Season Three

Main article: CotV Season Three
Season Three is titled "Omnibrine Hunters".

Season Three is forthcoming.

Season Four

Main article: CotV Season Four
Season Four is titled "Voidwarp".

Season Four is forthcoming.

Canon One-Shots

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