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In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, God said "let there be light." And he saw that it was good. From nothingness he made the blocks and the caves and he made a name for his world, and the name was Minecraft, and in this world he made the mobs and the blocks and he created his two children - Steve and Herobrine. They were brothers. But in the Indev Era, Herobrine grew jealous of the fact that Notch let Steve commingle with higher beings, the Humans, as an avatar, and Herobrine was not allowed. Herobrine waged war with his brother and they fought to the death. Before Notch could save his favorite son, Herobrine slew Steve. Out of vengeance, Notch struck down Herobrine with a bolt of lightning.

Notch grieved for his children and he searched under the bedrock and into the sky for his children. He made us, the villagers, but we were never enough for him. He wanted to see his sons. He wanted to make Pigmen, but he twisted their forms into monstrous zombies. He went under the world and the Nether was born of his grief. In the sky he made a dream world for him to search, but he never found his children and in his grief he distorted heaven into a hellish lump of rock called the End and a great dragon was born of his rage. He left his world to the god Jeb to grieve in the world of Mojang from whence he came. It is now Jeb who rules the world, and we pray to him, but most of all we pray that someday Notch may return and find his children. In the meantime, Steve lives only in body as an avatar of the Humans, and Herobrine is still out there somewhere, watching, waiting, hunting for his brother to have his vengeance at last.

And he is right behind you.

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