Craftable Spawn Eggs Mod

How this Mod works: You craft a Spawn Egg using an Egg in the Middle of the Craft Grid and fill the corners of the Grid with a material. Read on if you want to know how to craft them.

Steve: Diamond

Notch: Redstone

Bat: Cobblestone

Chicken: Raw Chicken

Cow: Raw Steak

Mooshroom: Red Mushroom

Ocelot: Raw Fish (The Ocelot is Spawned Untamed)

Pig: Raw Pork Chop

Sheep: Wool (Depending on the Colour Wool, Colour Sheep)

Squid: Ink Sac

Villager: Emerald

Wolf: Bone (The Wolf is Spawned Untamed and Unprovoked)

Blaze: Blaze Rod

Cave Spider: Spider Eye

Creeper: Gunpowder

Enderman: Ender Pearl

Ghast: Ghast Tear

Giant: Spawn Zombie

Herobrine: Diamond Sword

Magma Cube: Magma Cream (They can be Spawned Big, Small or Midget)

Silverfish: Stone Bricks

Skeleton: Bow

Slime: Slimeball (They can be Spawned Big, Small or Midget)

Spider: String

Witch: Glass Bottle

Wither Skeleton: Stone Sword

Zombie: Rotten Flesh

Zombie Pigman: Gold Sword

Zombie Villager: Iron Ingot

Now the Following have a Different Way-

Iron Golem: Top: Pumpkin, Middle Row: Iron Block, Bottom: Iron Block

Snow Golem: Top: Pumpkin, Remaining Middle Collumn: Snow Block

Wither Boss: Top Row: Wither Skeleton Skull, Middle Row: Soul Sand, Bottom: Soul Sand

Ender Dragon: Middle: Dragon Egg, Remaining Spots: Obsidian

Spider Jockey: Top: Spawn Skeleton or Wither Skeleton, Bottom: Spawn Spider

Coming Soon....................

Horse: Leather

Fish: Water Bucket

Panda: Sugar Cane

Red Dragon: Middle: Spawn Ender Dragon, Other Spots: Rose Red