Um... hi.

Well, you see, this is actually an error handling page. There is no chapter zero.

  • If you clicked on a "Previous chapter" button and landed here, then a template has been used incorrectly, and you should probably go back a page and fix it.
    • If the heading on that page looked like "Chapter X: (title unknown)" then something's gone seriously wrong and you should contact Sad My skin head 16 about it.
      • Unless the page in question is the template page. In that case, what are you even doing over there?
  • However, if you got here by clicking on a "Next chapter" button, then someone is pranking you or trolling and you should also contact Sad My skin head 16.
  • If you got here by the wiki edit history, then this page is not for you.
  • If you got here by clicking Random Page, you have some bad luck.

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