Corrupted Mobs are mobs infected and created mobs which are mutated to become green and even more dangerous.


  • Corrupted Creeper (AKA Hybri): A corrupted creeper which explodes maybe twice as big as a Charged Creeper's explosion. It looks dark green and has slightly bleeding eyes. It's explosion makes a high pitched dial as a last resort to make the attacker deaf.
  • Nina, Pinta, Maria (AKA The Corrupted Three): Three mobs named after boats. They are lime green and have boats for legs.
  • Shadow (AKA Lead): A mob inspired after Wilfre from the Drawn to Life series who attacks with a diamond sword. These mobs spawn once a map and are considered a boss mob by many.
  • Corrupted Pigman (AKA Clone): A Corrupted Pigman is a re-color of a Zombie Pigman.
  • Corrupted Wither (AKA Three Heads): A corrupted Wither is very dangerous and its explosion explodes the entire island you are standing on. If you are in the sea or underground, it's explosion is equal to 97 TNT blocks. It can break Bedrock.
  • Corrupted Enderdragon (AKA Final): The corrupted Enderdragon has four wings, and can only be defeated with a diamond sword that has been enchanted at least once.
  • Corrupted Silverfish (AKA Sewerspider): A silverfish twice as big as a regular one.


  • Corrupted Mobs are configured and created in a factory located underground.
  • Nina, Pinta, Maria: These mobs are the only ones to have name tags without the use of hacking or anvils.