Corn Stalks are a new crop. Corn Stalks grow like sugarcane on farmland only, so need water near them or else the farmland will dry out, causing the corn stalk to come out of the ground and be destroyed. They are like sugar cane, can grow two blocks tall, and is harvested like sugar cane. Right-Click with a corn stalk in your hand to peel it. It will give you Corn, and the peel will be dropped on the ground, and the peel currently does not do anything so can be thrown away. Corn restores 3 hunger points and can be crafted into Corn on the Cob. Corn can be put into a Corn Grinder to make 5 Popcorn Kernels, which can be made into Popcorn.


Corn Stalks are found growing near ponds in villages. Ponds with a dock now naturally generate in villages, and they spawn near the ponds. Also, 16 corn can be traded to a villager for 1-2 emeralds, and you can trade 1 emerald for 21-23 corn. If a village spawns on a hilly terrain, it is possible for corn stalks to generate floating above the pond.

Corn Golems

Nine corn can be made into a Heap of Corn, and 4 heaps of corn in a T-Shape with a pumpkin on top will make a Corn Golem.