core alloy is a bar in minecraft, made out of 2 by 2 Iron plates in the crafting menu. it is bright red with a blue middle and is crystal shaped. like a diamond.


core blade

a powerfull weapon indeed. with 2750 uses, 12 damage, and the unique abillaty to shoot a blue charge forward for an extra 6 damage, makes this an EXTREMELY powerful item. it is bright red, like all core alloy items, with a blue handle and a blue center.

pickaxe, of the deep

2750 uses 9 damage...yeah. like all items, it has a special abillaty. when a block is destroyed, it can drop 2-5 of its ore, as well as a small chance for it to desroy weaker than obsidian blocks in 1 hit. it is red with a blue handle.

destroyer of trees

as awsome as it sounds, its just an axe. made of an ultamate materiel......anyways it has 2700 11 damage and when swung (mid air) it shoots a shockwave for 4 damage. when swung (at a tree) it damages the block above, AND the block below.

dirtbringer (pun intended)

Sandbringer gravelbringer......whatever. It has 2800 uses, 10 damage, and when a block is destroyed....all blocks around it make hostile mobs (and provoked nutral mobs) that walk on them take damage. (1.5 HPS (hearts per second)) it is red with a blue handle.

hoe of umm.....awsomeness?

I dont see much use in hoes, (except for you need them to make CA-i mean the lie....) but this is here anyways... so, 2600 uses (i mean how big do you really need your farm?)  8 damage...yeah. The abillaty is that when you reap ground, plants grown on it grow TWICE as fast. red with blue handle....

NOTE: out of all these, the hoe, has the longest text.


i'll add it later...or...YOU will add it now!

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