The Cloud Forest is a small forest in the sky. It has a cloud for the flooring. It has a small cave on it where the Rainbow Fluffblocks usually stay. There are only 2 types of trees: the Thunderbolt Tree and the Raindrop Tree. To exit the forest, there is a waterfall but instead of like 27 lines of pure blue water, there are 8 lines of different colors of water; colors of a rainbow. The waterfall is not visible in Minecraftia and the Raindrop Tree is the only tree to have its fruit visible on the leaves. Oddly, the Rainbow Waterfall does not have a golden arrow but if the crosshairs are hovering over it, a golden arrow appears, and no one could escape the water in the waterfall due to forces keeping the player in until he or she reaches the Overworld.


It could be accessed by crafting first a Cannon. Afterwards, place a Cannon in the middle of the Crafting Table and place the dyes in order:

Red Orange Yellow
Green Cannon


Purple Magenta Pink

...which will result in another Cannon, though it is colored like a rainbow and has a white border. Afterwards, jump into it. After 3 seconds, it will emit a pulse of smoke, releasing you outwards to the sky, allowing you to reach the Cloud Forest high above the block limit; probably in Y-coordinates 31415926535897932384626433832795 or pi without the period. And there you are!


There is not much with the landscape of the Cloud Forest. Only notable features are its cloud flooring, the Raindrop Trees, the Thunderbolt Trees and the Rainbow Waterfall, as well as a big log in front of the Rainbow Fluffblock Cave.


So far, only the Rainbow Fluffblock is the visible mob, though there may be different mobs, mostly invisible.

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