Cats are mobs in Minecraft and come a variety of colors. Certain types of them have special powers. Most of them are passive. You get cats by taming ocelots or lynxes. Ocelots require fish to be tamed and lynxes require raw meat.

Orange tabby, tuxedo, and siamese


Orange tabby



These cats are considered normal and will not attack anything. They do however, scare away creepers. They drop absolutely nothing except exp when killed.



Angry Cat

The angry cat is hostile mob and has a 5% chance to spawn instead of a regular cat when an ocelot is tamed. It deals 2 health points(1 heart) of damage. When killed it drops cat leather and exp. It does not scare creepers.

Angry cat

Angry cat

Battle cat

Battle cats are like normal cats but with dog-like behavior. They spawn 15% of the time when ocelots are tamed. They will attack on command. Unlike dogs, they will even attack creepers however, the creepers will attempt to run away. When kill it drops cat leather and has a chance to drop its army hat which when worn, will give 2 armor points.