The Carbloczina (pronunciation car-block-zee-nah) is an enchantment book. It is yellow and glows as if it was enchanted. It contains enchantments with XP requirement levels 31-60. It is dropped by Herobrine upon reaching 50 HP. Despite its power, a sword empowered with Enhancement V still cannot defeat Herobrine in a hit, nor can an iron pickaxe empowered with Speed X destroy obsidian faster than half or even quarter of the normal length.

Enchantments Available


  • Speed - level I to X, speeds up mining of any block EXCEPT indestructible ones and obsidian by half per level. (Speed V speeds mining up by 2.5, Speed X speeds mining up by 5)
  • Rare Loot - level I to V, improves chances of rare loot by {level}*2 (Rare Loot IV improves chances by 8, Rare Loot V improves chances by 10)
  • Radius - level I to X, makes hoes till a radius of {level}*2 (Radius II tilling radius is 4, Radius III is 6)
  • Bomb - level I to X, makes any tool explode when left-clicked, but not inflicting damage to the player and mobs. Radius of explosion is {level}*4 (Bomb V radius is 20, Bomb X radius is 40, Bomb II radius is 8)


  • Enhancement - level I to XX, improves sword damage by {level}*5 (Enhancement I improves damage by 5, Enhancement V by 25, Enhancement X by 50, Enhancement XV by 75 and Enhancement XX by 100)
  • Ice Aspect - level I to V, slows down mobs hit by {level}*5 ticks for {level}*30 seconds (Ice Aspect III slows down mobs by 15 ticks for 90 seconds, Ice Aspect I by 5 ticks for 30 seconds and Ice Aspect V by 25 ticks for 150 seconds)
  • Throw - level I to V, knocks back mobs by {level}*8 blocks (Throw I throws mobs 8 blocks away, Throw III 24 blocks, Throw V 40 blocks)
  • Fragment - level I only, fragments mobs hit into their parts of the body. Use against zombies for realistic apocalypse gameplay. When only 1 leg and torso remains. If headless, runs forward mindlessly. If without torso, instantly dies.


  • Resistance - level I to V, same functions as Resistance status effects but on armor (Resistance IV+ makes armor immune but not the player)
  • TBA

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