The Boarealis is a mob exclusive to the Ice Plains Spikes biome. It looks like a pig with 2 white tusks, and its skin cycles through colors of tthe rainbow (like what happens when you name a sheep Jeb). It has some very unique abilities.


  • Type: Passive
  • Health: 10 (5 hearts)


When ridden with a Carrot on a Stick, Boareali have the ability to go at the speed equivalent to a player with Swiftness 10. They do not speed up, and remain at that speed rom the initial button press to the button release. This can be extremely useful for traveling along straightaways, but across normal terrain, a horse is better due to more control.


  • 1-3 Raw Porkchop (cooked if killed by fire)
  • 0-2 Prism