• Tanmay MIsra


    September 18, 2018 by Tanmay MIsra

    Hi i love minecraft and i was  wondering when mods are coming to 1.13 i play 1.7.10 with mods but i want play i.13 wiht mods i heard 1.14 will come december so i assume mods for 1.13 will come soon.

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  • Sadamant

    Creatures of the Void. Wow.

    As of today, the series has been ongoing for exactly three years- though, in two days, it will not have received an update in one year. This was not my intent, by the way. Chapter 24, another digression to the far past of Hestion, has been in progress ever since the day I finished 23, and I've just been putting off working on it. Were it to be completed and published, I have no doubt it would be the largest entry in the entire series by a few hundred bytes at least. But I digress.

    I'm moving forward in my own circles, and I have begun angling towards more legitimate writing than Minecraft stories on Wikia. Since a bit of the way into Season Two, I've had ideas of publishing, truly publishing, Creatures of the Void …

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  • CptChuck07

    In Spring of this year, we were at our peak developing our Ocean Update, the Update Aquatic. But if you remember, we announced the Update Flammable at E3 2018, following E3 just a month later, Snapshots were starting to burn in. But now we have developed 1.14 enough to make it burn through as the actual release. It's also very ironic we release this in December, because it's actually the coldest time of the year! Brrrr! Well... you could stay warm with... The Update Flammable! So shall we get to the features?

    • Added new brick set: Netherrack Bricks
    • Added new tree type: Netheroak (Hint! It can't burn! It lives in the nether!)
    • Revamped the Nether Fortress structure to look and feel more like a hallway maze.
      • Uses Netherrack Bricks and Magma Bricks …
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  • Sadamant

    On CotV and TAZ

    January 15, 2018 by Sadamant

    Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood here with his latest news on Creatures of the Void, which SOMEONE SHOULD READ.

    I have recently begun listening to the podcast The Adventure Zone, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast by the McElroy brothers of My Brother, My Brother and Me and their father. As I've continued through the storyline, I've realized that a lot of the story of the Balance arc has a similar slant to the story of my own Creatures of the Void.

    I can't reveal the specific tenets of the story that are similar to mine, as they are central concepts to the world and would be massive spoilers. However, rest assured that I have not resorted to stealing ideas. All of CotV is planned out already, I have only to write it.

    Sincerely yours,

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  • Sadamant

    RIP my 100 day badge

    January 13, 2018 by Sadamant

    This post shall serve as a mourning place for my 100 day badge. Rip in peace.

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  • Sadamant

    I have a feeling I'm writing to a nonexistent audience. It's a good story, I promise. It's all planned out, mostly, and just needs to be written. I haven't even introduced the secondary villain of the entire thing yet.

    Or have I...

    (no I haven't)

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  • ExtinctAnimalStudier

    my fan stories

    December 27, 2017 by ExtinctAnimalStudier

    so i am gonna make a fan story. i know its gonna have god like beings in it that help the main hero defeat herobrine. tell me what i should add. i am gonna make herobrine have a true form like all the other god like beings. i got the god like beings idea from a popular page on this wikia. tell me what i should add. cya later

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  • Sadamant
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  • Sadamant

    2929 edits!

    November 24, 2017 by Sadamant

    This is a blog post to celebrate my 2,929th edit made on the Minecraft Fanon Wiki!

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  • Sadamant

    Roblox Creepypastae

    November 23, 2017 by Sadamant

    So I was investigating the troll who vandalized Aftermath Minecraftia a bit ago.

    It turns out there is an entire wiki devoted to Roblox creepypasta.


    Also it has over three thousand pages. How does a place like that exist and have 3K+ pages when we're still floundering around 1.25K?

    On top of the content it's also basically "The Vandalism Wiki"; practically every article's been chopped, or spammed, or memed into junk. It's so bad.

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  • Sadamant

    Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood , juggling this project with his numerous others with which he is constantly embroiled.

    In order to provide a more satisfying end user experience, I will be releasing the next four chapters all at once. The final two chapters (Last Act and Player Six) of the Verian serial will be released at the same time as well as the entirety of the Fountain serial (The Fountain and Escape From Castle Herabrine). This will mean that the next installment will come later than normal, but the payoff will be massively worth it, just trust me. I've already got all of season two planned, I just need to set my pen to the page (metaphorically speaking) and get it written out. Peace!

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  • Sadamant

    This way GOTHICDEATH can still have his user category without it being cumbersome and/or spammy.

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  • DinosaursRoar

    If I want one, I'd pick a tapir because they're my favorite animal. :) DinosaursRoar (talk) 18:36, October 15, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Techy804

    Bedrock 1.4

    October 12, 2017 by Techy804

    Moved to Bedrock 1.4. Not a blog post.

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  • BlueSeaV1per

    I am really anticipating every minecraft update and although the last one dropped a couple days ago i really hope 1.13 is soon and includes more mobs. Especially ocean mobs. That is exactly what the ocean needs. More use. More Variety. More fun!

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  • Terrarian Pony

    For those of you who are fan of my series, Fallout: Terracraftia, I wanted to let you all know that there will be multiple series of it, and I promise lots of action (Even if only on paper.) I have big plans, and ideas, and some may be inspired by other people's ideas. I would like to thank those of you who enjoy my work, and hope you don't die of boredom (Or you know, putting your face in front of a glowing screen all of your life. Hey, just saying.)

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  • Johncena89Johncenawwe

    This wiki is so awesome I love the wiki thanks to the creator for making this

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  • Bloodmancer

    A big thanks to everyone who helped make this wiki what it is today. Four years ago, when I started here, we had no one and nothing, now we have over 1000 pages and a group of loyal staff and editors.

    A special thanks to Nero and majora, who ran the place after I went inactive (and are still running the place, by the way). This wiki would've gone no where without their dedication.

    And a sad thanks to the long gone Rguy3, who who helped me out quite a bit.

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  • Sadamant

    Sick Sucks

    September 28, 2016 by Sadamant

    Guess who got sick today?

    Me. The answer is me.

    I was feeling stomachally weird in my first two classes, but third hour decided to ramp up the war inside my body. I had been feeling on-and-off peaceful, but I stopped feeling anything less than a gut battle. My friend was very nice and kept being happy n stuff to me. She's a good person.

    So what I thought would be a five-minute excursion to the restroom ended up lasting until after class ended. I went back in and sat down and called my mom who didn't answer or come pick me up.

    I literally sat there on my phone throughout the entirety of the lunch period because I could barely move. I eventually did have to move over due to fourth period starting and people coming in, after which the teacher said …

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  • Sadamant

    I've taken way too long of a break from it and I'm gonna be writing some new chapters over the next couple months.

    So, I guess, prepare your eyes for words.

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  • Regiets99


    May 20, 2016 by Regiets99
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  • Gojimon

    itsa true

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  • Gojimon

    trying to earn a badge

    December 18, 2015 by Gojimon

    trying to earn a badge

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  • Gojimon

    no uploads for 2 weeks

    December 18, 2015 by Gojimon

    after today i wont be uploading anything on wikia for 2 weeks due to the christmas break. so sorry elementia war lovers.

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  • Bloodmancer

    I am corrently working on sorting all of our fanon characters into one category, as we have two, and up until last week, had three. My current project is moving every character to the "Charcter" category. Please, do not add characters to the "People" Category, as it was orginally made for youtubers,a nd will be removed once I have removed the characters from it.

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  • Sadamant

    I've been working on CotV lately, but it's come to my attention that I have about three readers. When I get more people reading, that's when I'll make the second half of season one.

    What will I be doing until then? Writing out the lore! I'm going to attempt to create every and all redlink pages that I've linked to for Sad's Fanon. The story will be continued once I've:

    • created all referenced Sad's Fanon pages
    • gotten a satisfactory number of readers

    Whichever comes first!

    Yes, I ended the midseason on a cliffhanger on purpose. ;)

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    The Chat Thing

    October 10, 2015 by GOTHICDEATH

    I Found out that the Minecraft Fanon Chat is all ways never used, i don't know why but i would love to talk with some people and make some new frineds. thanks for reading this and have a great day!

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  • Bloodmancer

    So Im back, I guess

    September 12, 2015 by Bloodmancer

    I just wanted to apologize for the unnanounced absence, I've been focusing a lot on my writing. But anyway, I'm back now. I don't know how much editing I'll be doing, but I'll be around if anyone needs help.

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  • AngrydroidForce99

    I made a fan fiction series called The Craftverse as well as a team to go along with it. Here you can suggest us things you want the team to do. Write in the comments section ideas you want to do.

    Nothing so far yet...

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  • Sadamant


    August 16, 2015 by Sadamant

    I've actually not been able to use my image editor, so images for my articles didn't happen. Fortunately I'll be able to now. Expect some reference! .;,;.

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  • Inferno999


    January 27, 2015 by Inferno999

    Hi! I am Inferno999, but you can just call me Inferno.

    I am absolutely obsessed with Skylanders, Percy Jackson, and Minecraft.


    I joined the wiki a few days ago, and I'm just guessing here. It's not very active anymore.

    I will change that!


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  • Bloodmancer

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2014 by Bloodmancer

    I just wanted too say merry christmas, Nero and Majora!

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  • GreenMatius

    First Post

    November 4, 2014 by GreenMatius

    Hey. If you read my front page then you would know my current focus is on creating the summaries for Cube UHC seasons. I'll update whoever is interested in reading my progress in this blog, as writing the summaries are harder than expected and may take some time.

    As of now I have finished and published the summaries for season 1 and 2. You can find the links from Cube Ultra Hardcore  - I could give you the links straight to my pages but this is better for future references when i published the other seasons as all my pages will be linked from there.

    Shoutout to BurningEdje who created the Cube Ultra Hardcore page and for allowing me to link it there.

    Anyway, I am in the process of writing for Season 3, 4 and 5 but with college finals preparati…

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    May 24, 2014 by VTHERO

    The blog achievement requires you to have a blog post, you should do the same to earn it.

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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    So I was thinking, and I though, "why not write a story for the MC fanon wiki?"

    So, then I thought some more and decided to do it. I'm going to write a story that incorperates as much fanon as possible. Not only will this give more content to work with, but it will also allow people to see alot of the articles that aren't edited frequently.

    However, I can't write a massive, detailed story containing so much fanon by myself... so that's why I created this blog post, to get ideas and such for this story (anyone who helps will be credited).

    A currently unnamed character lives in a small farming community with some testificates and possibly some family members. The story will see him going about his standard activities for a short amount of time …

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  • Darkapple

    how old

    July 11, 2013 by Darkapple

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Anyway, how old is this wiki? It doesn't have as many editors as it should, so it must be quite (relitively) new.

    Also, I have made several pages, but I can't make pictures, so I would maybe like a bit of help. Maybe I'll find a way to do it, but at the moment, I can't.

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  • Raniero R

    Wiki Adoption!!!

    May 12, 2013 by Raniero R

    Hello Minecraftians! This week, from the 12th of May to the 18th, I'll be running for administrative abilities! Which means that a staff member of Community Central will be providing me with Founder Status. Now I'm sure you've noticed the sway of leadership since the beginning of the year, but I'm going to change that! And I will be making a fully-fledged admin counsel to run the wiki!

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  • TheMagicPickle12

    I would like to hear your opinions. (Even though you would all say yes) :D

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  • OrkMarine

    My name is OrkMarine, I have recently started playing minecraft a bit. Im not that good at the game or anything but I know the basics, and Im making a dead island texture pack. If you have played dead island then ideas are needed for weapons, mobs etc. Thankyou.

    So far I have this:

    ghasts- floaters

    zombie- walker

    zombie pigmen- surviviors

    skletons- bandits

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  • Powerful gohan


    March 17, 2013 by Powerful gohan

    Yeah, hey there. I want a bit help about the wiki and some questions too. Also, I wanted to show the people who see this my creations, I'm not really good though.

    1. Do users make their own characters and use them to join role-play or fanon pages?

    2. I can't find a Rules page. Does the wiki not have rules?

    What do you guys think?

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  • Raniero R

    Looking for good architects to build with and people who play Minecraft ALOT. I have an awesome pixel art world too if you don't have you're own world, but I'm really just looking for good builders who DON'T use youtube as a basis for creating... get original or get out.

    Add Me if you gave a world I can jam on, I'll help out and not grief :D

    GAMERTAG: v Lawcity

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  • EliteRacing343

    Racing 4 Mines

    February 25, 2013 by EliteRacing343

    Hello Friends!

    I am going to start creating custom race tracks however, I need some help. Does anyone have ANY type of experience making either the track itself or making the staduim?

    Thanks 4 any help!


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  • EliteRacing343

    Custom Creepers

    February 25, 2013 by EliteRacing343

    Hello Minecraft people!

    I was wondering what type of Creeper you would like to see in any Minecraft game. There are no limits to what it could be.

    I would like to see a Creeper that could be dyed and color you want. I have a pet Creeper on my Xbox 360 world that I locked up ontop of my friend's home. We would like to make it blue for some strange reason...

    Anyway, now tell me what you think!


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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    I found that one day, I woke up and I was bored of writing Minecraft fanon and I just didn't care about DoM. Besides, it was intruding on my real life, so I decided that my actual life was more important than this wiki. I just want to spend more time with my family. I'm sorry. A Guy on the Internet and Rguy3 have full creative rights over my stories and either of them can adopt and finish them. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me.

    TheReturnOfTheKing (talk) 18:38, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Fadl3321mario

    Question 6-10

    January 22, 2013 by Fadl3321mario

    More questions! Get ready...

    1. I am a dimension where Silverfish live, I have much water and waterfalls, which dimension am I?
    2. People have said that I was a ghost, then I disappeared from the world, who am I?
    3. I am a dimension never accessed before, created by the one above me, which dimension am I?
    4. I am a mob, I terrorize a floating dimension, and I destroy all in my way, who am I?
    5. I am a block, my name begins with a 'C' and ends with 'BLOCK', I hurt anything that passes me, except one player, which block am I?

    Choices for things:

    • Wolf Block
    • Full Chainmail Armor
    • 10 Iron Ingots
    • Iron Golem
    • Full Lapis Tools / Weapons and Armor
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  • Wrath96

    My recent inactivity

    January 13, 2013 by Wrath96

    Im sorry for my recent inactivity. I dont have access to computers at the moment. I willl resume my ctivity as soon as I have a computer. Untill then it will be mostly blog posts.

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Minecraft Quiz

    January 9, 2013 by TheReturnOfTheKing

    Chromebolt Clover and Fadl3321mario have been making quizzes on their blogs. I'm not good at solving them, so I decided that if you can't beat em', join em'! I'm making a little quiz, and whoever solves it will receive:

    a) 64 Creeper spawn eggs b) A volcano (as seen in the Better Dungeons mod) c) Enough Iron Ingots and Pumpkins to make 200 Iron Golems d) Two large chests full of Diamond Ore

    So, here goes:

    1: I can fly, but I'm not a bat, and I can have a Creeper face, but my explosion never hurt a soul. What item am I?

    2: In the darkness of caves and the shadows of night, I stalk you and I never leave you alone. What mob am I?

    3: Pick me up and put me in a place where my giant brethren grow, then feed me the remains of a dead archer and see me …

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Many people on this wiki have heard of our group project, Destruction of Minecraftia. I'm wondering, if anybody has anything to add, just click that link and ask Rguy3.

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  • AC-1337


    January 4, 2013 by AC-1337

    Hello! I just wanted to say Hi to everyone :D

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  • Fadl3321mario

    Question 3-5

    December 25, 2012 by Fadl3321mario

    Here are some more Minecraft questions:

    1. I am a mob, I hate rain and water and deserts, who am I?
    2. I am a mob, like the one above me, I hate rain and water, but not the deserts, who am I?
    3. I am a mod, I give the Zombies power to be big and powered, what mod am I?

    Tell me in the comments...

    Choices for things:

    • 5 Fireworks
    • 4 Gold Ores
    • 8 Iron Ores
    • Chainmail Chestplate
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