The Block of Bones is a block that generates in structures around the world.


The Block of Bones can be crafted out of 9 bones in a crafting table. It drops 9 bones instead of itself when mined.

The Block of Bones obeys gravity, and will break apart into nine bones if it falls more than 3 blocks.


  • Dungeons: Sometimes spawns in one to three block pillars on top of dungeon chests, requiring them all to be mined to open the chest successfully.
  • Strongholds: Can be found scattered around the End Portal room.
  • Abandoned Mineshaft / Jungle Temple: Occasionally on top of cobwebs.
  • Desert: Randomly, replacing some Dead Bushes.
  • Desert Temple: On the corners in the trap chest room.
  • The Nether: Randomly in Fortresses.

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