The Biome Buster is a machine made by Herobrine designed to bomb up a whole biome. It is TNT glued into a TNT box with redstone dust on the TNT box, filling the space above it up except the middle of the TNT box. It is activated by a redstone torch stacked to connect the 2 separated redstone circuits. When the uppermost parts of the TNT box explodes, the rest explodes with it. It is 5x25x5 (5 blocks wide horizontal, 25 blocks tall, 5 blocks wide vertical) blocks big. Some craters caused by Biome Busters bombed a whole biome from the leaves of the trees to the 5 layers of bedrock. Some craters bombed mobs surrounding one. A Biome Buster, when from above, when activated, all the TNT blocks fall onto the ground. When it is on Layer 126 or above when activated, it will explode halfway toward the ground. A Biome Buster can be spawned deactivated with a redstone torch 3 blocks away from it through blocks of gold forming an egg and a redstone torch inside. The gold egg will vanish and be replaced by a Biome Buster. A Biome Buster, when made in the Minecraft game, 3D or 2D, can cause lag and might even crash the game. An activated TNT bomb that is designed to destroy a whole biome can be used as meteorites by burying it with a remaining space where you place the Redstone torch and placing the Redstone Torch, bombing the whole biome plus some of the Bedrock layers, meaning Biome Busters are very strong. A Biome Buster can be used to destroy a Bedrock home in Creative. Biome Busters may be in different shapes; just do not forget the redstone dust and the space remaining!