Bears are hostile mobs that hunt passive mobs and players, and some hostile mobs. They are untameable. They have a standing and sitting position, similar to wolves - they only stand when they are about to attack another mob.


Bears are nearly four blocks long and are a single block larger than the player. They come in colours such as grey, black, white and brown, and they normally have green eyes. They have visible claws that are half a block long.

Behaviour and environment

Bears normally spawn in mountains, forests, and large caves. They can be found in all snow biomes, extreme hills, and taigas. They are extremely aggressive when provoked, and when they see a player within a ten-block radius, then they will stand diagonally on their hind legs, roar, then charge towards the player. They can jump two blocks high and three blocks forwards, and run twice as fast as a player. The only way to get past a bear is if it is asleep at the time, or to enter very deep water or cross lava.

Bears will attack any mob that attacks it or comes too close, including spiders, wolves, cows, chickens, pigs and other bears. They will also sit at watersides and fish - strangely, they will not properly enter the water if it is seven blocks deep or further, which is another way of escaping a bear. They breed up to four cubs at a time, and will immediately attack any mob which disturbs the cubs. It takes five strikes with a diamond sword to kill a bear, and nearly twice as much with any other weapon.


Fully grown bears will drop one bear jaw per mob, as well as one raw bear (Again, if they are fully grown) - one cooked bear will fully replenish a player's health, regardless of what quantity it presently is.